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Team Building

Team building events really get people working together, having fun and achieving success. Whether you're organising team building, awaydays, corporate fun days or team meetings then Thornton Hall can help.

Some of the most popular indoor activities we have had a Thornton Hall include Catapult Constructing, Ice sculpting and cocktail making.  Our most popular outdoor activities are duck herding & laser clay pigeon shooting to name a few

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All of the following packages are inclusive of:

Arrival tea & coffee with Bacon Sandwiches

Mid-morning tea & coffee with Danish Pastries

2 course hot & cold buffet lunch or Sandwiches & home cooked chips

Afternoon tea & coffee

Main conference room hire

Data projector



Free Wi-Fi

Free Car parking

Free use of our swimming pool

Please note the following guide prices only 

Medieval Fun – 2 hours £65 per person min 10 people

This challenge includes two activities, construct a catapult and an archery/crossbows tournament. We’ve scaled down the medieval trebuchet to create a challenging and exciting team activity. This historic weapon was originally designed to hurl boulders at enemy defences. Now you can construct, aim and fire the weapon at the opposing team’s castle. Points are scored every time you land your boulder within the city walls, although top points are reserved for the team that can hit the castle itself. This is probably our most popular team challenge as it’s a fun and totally unique way to improve a team’s problem solving and communication skills. After the catapults, we finish with a friendly team archery/crossbows tournament lead by our experienced instructors.


Last Team Standing - 1 hour 30 minutes £60 per person min 8 people

A combination of game show style indoor activities where two teams are pitted against one another to win the ultimate prize. These challenges include a variety of tasks designed to test a team's ability to work together and individual's problem solving skills in a high stakes environment. As each stage of the competition is different individual team members will all get the chance to shine whether their skill is logic, balance, speed or quick reactions?

Cocktail Making - 1 hour 30 minutes £70 per person min 10 people

Guests will be treated to a cocktail making demonstration and tasting experience with one of our skilled bartenders before learning how to mix some classic cocktails and getting some hands on experience with a cocktail shaker and ingredients. After learning the tricks of the trade, the group will be divided into teams which will be given the challenge of creating their very own unique cocktail. Points will be awarded for taste; appearance and name so get creative and get mixing.

The Treasure Chest - 2 hours £65 per person min 10 people

For this challenge, the group will be split into two teams. We have hidden a treasure chest, full of prizes, somewhere in the Hotel. This chest is secured with 9 padlocks, they keys for which are hidden and must be found. To make things a bit more complicated, each key can only be retrieved once a challenge is completed successfully ...get ready to crack codes, solve puzzles, navigate mazes and beat the clock in this unique team activity.

Target Shooting – 1 hour 15 minutes £45 per person min 8 people

Air Rifles are a simple and easy form of target shooting that’s fun for all ages and abilities. After some expert instruction and a little practice, participants will enter a friendly completion to shoot our custom-made "knock down" targets at a range of around 10-30 paces. Forget anything you have ever tried at the fairground, our setup is in a league of its own. We can even provide firework targets that explode when hit. Air rifles are a great introduction to target shooting and are well suited to both family days and corporate functions.

Duck Herding – 1 hour 15 minutes £550 fixed fee per event


This popular activity is similar to sheep herding and combines teamwork, communication and a lot of patience! Each group will work together with trained border collies to herd the ducks around an obstacle course. Throughout your session each person will receive tips and instruction from a top sheepdog handler so don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands. However, with these cute, entertaining and sometimes naughty creatures there is always scope for much hilarity. This is perhaps why this activity has proved to be a favorite.


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